Kristin Phillips-Hill, candidate for Pennsylvania’s 28th Senatorial District, sounded off on the remaining unfinished business that would allow Pennsylvania to take full advantage of the national economic trends.

“The state budget package, which includes no new taxes or fees, is the result of House and Senate Republicans holding the line and defeating Governor Wolf on over $13 billion in tax increase efforts over the last three years,” Phillips-Hill said. “Federal tax and regulatory reforms have bolstered our state’s economy and our Republican Gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner continues to apply pressure on Governor Wolf, giving the governor a newfound, campaign year willingness to finally sign his first budget bill after three years in office.”

Phillips-Hill continued, “While I was able to support the state budget proposal, I remain deeply concerned and committed to resolving our state’s systemic fiscal issues. Almost every other state is realizing the full potential of the booming economy, yet we continue to fall further and further behind. Now is the time to:

  • enact real reforms to cut excessive state regulations, which I’ve proposed through House Bill 209,
  • move away from the hated school property tax system and
  • give Pennsylvania taxpayers opportunities to keep more of their hard-earned money.

The national economy is strong and there is no reason why Pennsylvania should not take advantage of that.”

The state budget proposal approved by lawmakers only increases spending by 1.7 percent, which is almost half a percent lower than the rate of inflation, without any tax increases. Funding for basic education will increase by $100 million along with additional investments in job training programs. Phillips-Hill noted that additional resources are set aside for the heroin/opioid epidemic as well as funds assistance for vital agricultural programs and aid for first responders and police.

Phillips-Hill says the state budget is a good start, but many challenges still exist.

“We remain the outlier with an unemployment rate at 4.5 percent when the national unemployment rate is down to 3.8 percent,” she said. “Enacting commonsense reforms along with holding the line on taxes will put us on a stronger pathway to economic prosperity and fiscal stability. At the end of the day, tax dollars are better off in the wallets of the taxpayers and not in Harrisburg’s coffers. That’s why I am running for Senate so I can be a voice for the hard-working taxpayers of York County.”

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