Phillips-Hill to seek re-election for second term to State Senate

Said stakes are too high for York County taxpayers and small business owners

(YORK, Pa.) – Kristin Phillips-Hill formally launched her campaign for re-election to the Senate of Pennsylvania aimed at building on the successes in her first term in office.

Phillips-Hill has been one of the leading conservative voices in the General Assembly due to her strong opposition to new taxes and support for fiscal responsibility.

As a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Phillips-Hill stopped significant tax-and-spend budget proposals offered by Gov. Tom Wolf.

“I am seeking another term in office to continue to stand up for York County taxpayers in Harrisburg,” she said. “We see governments at all levels pushing a tax-and-spend agenda and it is not sustainable. I will continue to be a voice for fiscal responsibility in Harrisburg. That starts with walking the walk and saying no to the perks afforded to legislators.”

In her first term in office, Phillips-Hill cited curbing opioid abuse and landmark legislation to combat human trafficking as her signature legislative accomplishments. During her first two years in the Senate, Phillips-Hill had one of the highest numbers of bills signed into law for any member in the General Assembly.

The Caucus, a state government watchdog publication, named Phillips-Hill as one of four lawmakers who “exceeds expectations” when it comes to reporting her Senate office expenses online for taxpayers to view.

She also led the fight to reopen Pennsylvania’s small businesses when Gov. Wolf unilaterally shut down locally owned businesses over the last two years. She cosponsored legislation that ultimately allowed the voters to determine how emergency declarations should be handled moving forward. She also said assisting constituents throughout the pandemic has been a critical aspect of her role as a state senator.

“Whether it be cutting red tape for a nurse to get his or her license, to helping someone navigate the uncertain waters of the unemployment compensation system, I continue to put myself in their shoes to provide the best constituent service possible,” she added.

In her role as the chair of the Senate Communications and Technology Committee, Phillips-Hill pushed for significant reforms to the state’s information technology (IT) efforts, supporting an overhaul to the state’s IT procurement process and bolster cybersecurity oversight after a series of data breaches harmed Pennsylvania taxpayers.

She also cited her efforts to grow and support small businesses in the state as a major reason why she is seeking another term.

“We have seen a massive attack on job creators in the form of new taxes, increased regulations and added costs of doing business. Harrisburg needs to shift its thinking from blindly signing the back of the paycheck to thinking of the person who signs the front of that paycheck,” she added.

Phillips-Hill and her husband, Rick, live in York Township. Their three children, Victoria, Spencer and Gavin are all pursuing careers.